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As a business owner, we know that you want more me time, a shed load more money, and way less stress. However, experience tells us that the ideal balance of a healthy bank balance and sound mental health prove illusive for some. Why? Frustratingly, stuff gets in the way.

Every business, from a start up to a major corporate, has daily commercial and operational issues to overcome. As a business owner or decision maker you wouldn’t disagree would you? The issue is clear to you, but that solution still stays as far away as it was yesterday……recognise this? You put so much time and effort into fixing these issues only for the problem to recur time and time again. These issues and challenges vary in complexity and present different tests at different stages of the business journey. However each commercial or operational challenge is personal to you and your business. They keep you awake…….

At HJP Commercial Assist we can assist in overcoming your business issues in partnership with you and your team, by getting to the source of each problem then designing & implementing a tailored solution. In the current business climate, it makes sense to equip your business with the tools to overcome challenges and excel in performance in your chosen field. Competition never goes away and each day you stand still you go backwards. In the “gig economy” flexibility is key, we at HJP Commercial Assist recognise this.

Our Solution

Our solution is simple. A flexible part-time and day-rate commercial people solution, for your business, acting as part of your team and costing a fraction of full time equivalent. People that have the experience, knowledge and the “tools” to solve that commercial problem that just won’t go away, the one you know you have but “put on the backburner”. The one you know will eventually haunt you…. After all, growth can wait until the fire is out can it not, or has the fire just got too big to put out yourself? Either way we can change your trajectory and provide the path that moves you forward, HJP Commercial Assist help you sleep at night. That’s a money back guarantee!

So how do we do this and what can we offer you that is different?

We at HJP Commercial Assist can offer you access to high calibre, Commercial and Operational Director Level talent, delivering top quality commercial and operational skills at a fraction of the cost of full-time equivalents. Skills to augment your top team and give you the ongoing capability to grow and surmount your commercial challenges at fraction of the cost of a full time equivalent employee or interim manager/director, parachuted in a great cost, and sometimes for less time than you ideally need due to cost constraints.

We have the flexibility to offer a few hours a week to a few days per month to provide part-time Commercial and Operational Senior talent to entrepreneurial and owner managed businesses, typically with a turnover between £2m and £50m. Businesses who don’t want, don’t need, or can’t afford a full-time Commercial or Operational specialist in the top team, or at the owner’s right hand, but still recognise they need the skill-set on an ongoing basis or for particular situations as they arise.

Our people bring with them multi company experience from corporate to enterprise level, whilst understanding how to work with owner managed, entrepreneurial businesses.

Our aim at HJP Commercial Assist is to make a difference to your business, by specifically helping you to make money in a sustainable way, generate more time to do the things you love and get back to doing the more value added stuff, thus lowering the risk within your business, removing your frustration, providing you with greater peace of mind and boosting the velocity of travel for your journey…..

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Graeme Clark – Managing Director Scot Serve Ltd
“Further to an exciting journey through the Help to Grow Scheme and whilst on the hunt for a Management Consultant to allow us to implement some radical changes, we were recommended the team at Harrison James. After a meeting and an open and honest discussion, the deal was agreed and we’ve been working with both Roy and Jim for around nine months now. With a new drive, desire and aspirations to triple the company t/o and importantly, improve the structural aspect of the business, Roy and Jim came up with a tailored strategy to help us look at what is at the heart of strong and vibrant company. Learning, building and agreeing the core aspects behind our culture and functional goals were set as an initial target to a longer-term output. The learnings and implementation that have included everyone has been incredible. Very informative and of course fun along the way with our team fully engaged in the process. We have built a five-year plan centred around the core values we have established as a team and have begun the job of implementing a solid functional structure and set of processes to ensure all facets of our company are managed and that nothing is ever missed. We always leave the sessions feeling motivated and enthusiastic about the part we each play in driving our business forward and know we are on a proven path to success based on the strategies HJ have shared. We would absolutely recommend the team at Harrison James to any business that is serious about implementing change for the betterment of the company and those within it.”
Zoe Edmeades – Managing Director The Security Company Ltd
“I highly recommend Harrison James Partnership. From the moment I met Roy, he was able to quickly assess our business needs and provide actionable advice to help us achieve our goals. Even after just one session, I had a much clearer understanding of what we needed to do to move the business forward. Harrison James Partnership’s expertise and guidance have been invaluable, and I am already seeing positive results from implementing his suggestions. Taking the time to focus on the business with Roy's help has been one of the best decisions I have made, and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.”
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