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This programme has been designed from a combination of essential tried & tested fundamentals, our own leadership experience at all levels, and latest current thinking.

Emerging Young Talent

Outwith management and leadership skills, in our experience we have seen that there is a demand and need for “soft” skill training for younger emerging talent. This course focusses on Managing Relationships, Communication, Creating Empathy and Creating Engagement

Coaching Skills

Embedding business skills is at our core and is a theme running through all of courses. Learning the skills of a Coaching Approach to Leadership and Management is a way of ensuring a good return on investment, as skills taught through a coaching approach remain embedded with individuals, allowing autonomous working with less dependency on others.


We offer a bespoke training programme design service as we recognise that in many organisations there are specific needs at specific times, when simply off the shelf packages won’t do


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Client A testimonial
The challenge was to streamline some internal issues that were limiting our growth opportunities. Once they were identified, through clear communication and the strategic approach to putting solutions in place were really effective. We have implemented these changes and our business has doubled in the past 2 years with continued growth in the pipeline.
Client B testimonial
The business model was presented to our senior team, and this was a great visual representation to determine where on our growth curve we were as a business. This gave us the reassurance that other companies also face similar challenges when growing their business, and was a key catalyst for us proceeding. We have worked together over the past 18 months to great effect. We have had support to transform our board meetings, systemise the functionality within the business, and re-position ourselves within the market. The work is helping us go from A to B in a more defined way, rather than through experimentation where time and money can so often be wasted.
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Behavioural Skills
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HJP Commercial-Assist
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