Revenue Generation Assessment

Revenue Generation Assessment

This assessment allows you and your staff to question the various elements of your revenue generation capabilities, provide an objective overall view, and identify blockage points as a focus for training.

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1. Product (Service)

How strong and relevant is your product or service offering?


2. Position (in the Marketplace)

How well known are you in your target marketplace?


3. Channels (to Market)

Do you have strong and a sufficient number of channels to market (including pre-sold referrals) providing sales leads?


4. Sales (System & Skills)

How good are you at converting sales leads?


5. Build

How efficient is your “factory” in putting together your product or service – how well do you manage workloads?


6. Deliver

Do your clients see value when they receive your product / service such that they are likely to buy again i.e. how loyal are your clients?


7. Client Service

How well do you service your clients, post sale, and does everyone service them in the same way – how would you rate your clients’ energy?


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Graeme Clark – Managing Director Scot Serve Ltd
“Further to an exciting journey through the Help to Grow Scheme and whilst on the hunt for a Management Consultant to allow us to implement some radical changes, we were recommended the team at Harrison James. After a meeting and an open and honest discussion, the deal was agreed and we’ve been working with both Roy and Jim for around nine months now. With a new drive, desire and aspirations to triple the company t/o and importantly, improve the structural aspect of the business, Roy and Jim came up with a tailored strategy to help us look at what is at the heart of strong and vibrant company. Learning, building and agreeing the core aspects behind our culture and functional goals were set as an initial target to a longer-term output. The learnings and implementation that have included everyone has been incredible. Very informative and of course fun along the way with our team fully engaged in the process. We have built a five-year plan centred around the core values we have established as a team and have begun the job of implementing a solid functional structure and set of processes to ensure all facets of our company are managed and that nothing is ever missed. We always leave the sessions feeling motivated and enthusiastic about the part we each play in driving our business forward and know we are on a proven path to success based on the strategies HJ have shared. We would absolutely recommend the team at Harrison James to any business that is serious about implementing change for the betterment of the company and those within it.”
Zoe Edmeades – Managing Director The Security Company Ltd
“I highly recommend Harrison James Partnership. From the moment I met Roy, he was able to quickly assess our business needs and provide actionable advice to help us achieve our goals. Even after just one session, I had a much clearer understanding of what we needed to do to move the business forward. Harrison James Partnership’s expertise and guidance have been invaluable, and I am already seeing positive results from implementing his suggestions. Taking the time to focus on the business with Roy's help has been one of the best decisions I have made, and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.”
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